Global Mapper v16.2 with Improved 3D Viewer, Upgraded Fly-Through Video Playback and Additional Formats

From Blue Marble:

We are pleased to announce the release of Global Mapper version 16.2 ( This interim release includes functional upgrades and performance improvements throughout all areas of the application. Enhanced functionality includes a new 3D pivot axis in the 3D Viewer, an improved fly-through video playback tool, and support for dozens of new formats, including Unity RAW/JPG and GGM Gravity Grids.

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This release includes a variety of updates to both the Global Mapper base product and the optional LiDAR Module. In keeping with recent Global Mapper developments, many of the improvements in version 16.2 address the increasing importance of working with 3D data. The 3D Viewer now offers a pivot axis that clearly displays the point of rotation when adjusting the display of the map. The recently introduced 3D fly-through recording function now includes an option to associate the exported video with the line that was used to create it, so the progress of the playback can be monitored on the 2D map. New and updated 3D formats supported by Global Mapper now include enhanced SketchUp Models in both the 32- and 64-bit versions.

Streamlined access to data is one of the preeminent characteristics of Global Mapper, and this feature of the software has been improved in version 16.2 with the inclusion of several new online data sources. These include the Atlas of the Cryosphere, which provides a temporal snapshot of polar data such as ice and snow cover. There have also been numerous scripting upgrades, including the option to create view shed models using a script. File and data management have been improved with options to automatically reorder the sequence of layers in the Overlay Control Center and to invert the selection of features on the map with the Digitizer tool.

For users of the Global Mapper LiDAR Module, version 16.2 now provides access to LiDAR data that includes near infrared (NIR) values. Using this embedded information, the point cloud display can now be rendered using NDVI or NDWI values for vegetation or wetland analysis. This enhanced LiDAR data also improves the detection and reclassification of high vegetation and building points. Global Mapper version 16.2 is a complementary upgrade for current users of any previous release of version 16. For a complete list of new features and enhancements or to download a trial copy, visit